Heartworm meds for Lab service dog

My 8 1/2 yr. old Lab Service Dog has always used Interceptor.It’s unavailable from mfg. for 4 mos.I want a med closest to it, made in U.S.A. in pill form.1 med said’must be chewed,not swallowed.He wolfs/gulps food/rewards’ -not chewing.Help me choose the best/safest heartworm med for him in the interim.I’m wheelchair -bound/blind/shakey from MS.Please help me select the best thing for my best friend.thanks


Answer from Dr. Gaylord Brown:
A product which is close to what you have been using is Trifexis, by Elanco. Elanco is a company based in the USA. Trifexis is a chewable tablet but does not have to be chewed to be effective. it will control the same parasites that Interceptor does and will also kill adult fleas that may be on the dog. If your veterinarian does not carry the product you may ask for a written prescription to purchase this product from an internet pharmacy.